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Learn to take control of your camera instead of leaving everything on auto – program to improve your family, holiday photographs or take your photography to a more advanced level to create stunning photographs. All the essential basics are covered that will improve your photography, learn how shutter speeds and apertures relate to each other, use shutter speed and aperture settings to achieve different styles of photography, light metering, exposure bracketing, exposure compensation, ISO settings, focusing techniques, macro photography, flash settings, which lenses to use to achieve the photograph you want, white balance and other camera settings to set your camera correctly. All courses are one to one and are explained in an easy to understand jargon free way with hands on practical training, each course is tailored to what you want to learn. Courses can be booked by the hour or all day, you can have as many courses as you like till you feel you are comfortable with taking photographs and are getting the results you want. Courses are £20 per hour contact Paul on 0161 428 8819.